About Gail

Reflecting upon my personal evolution, I seem to be a colorful blend of precocious starseed and late-blooming flower. Navigating my earthbound-celestial hybrid nature was tricky for this empathic kid, until I claimed my spiritual path in my mid-twenties.

Since then my life has been a sacred and rowdy adventure of inner and outer exploration and transformation. Consciously evolving consciousness is central to my work on the planet.

As a Creative, I’m a folk artist being continually home-schooled in the Universe-ity of Heart and Soul. Endlessly inspired by the glories of Nature and the crazy kaleidoscope of human nature unfolding, I make art in many forms and functions.

I know my best self as an angel, gardener, and muse. Seeking wisdom, championing creative expression, cultivating beauty, and sharing the wonders of fun are my essential motivations. Touching and being touched with deeply rooted care is an art form I practice most days.

Loving large is my way….

Feel The Hug.