• Poetry

    Four Blessings

    In a soul winter’s night emerges desire (When bleakness is steeped in the dark) For the warmth of a heart to kindle a fire Of caring, if only a spark. Four prayers, four blessings I ask To brighten an inner…

  • Moments

    Let love soften places that have hardened. Prepare to let new life emerge.     © 2023 Gail Barrie

  • Musings


    Think about it. For 364 days Each one begins a new year That has no number. With each dawn I hope That I will act A bit more wisely today Than I did in the yesterday now gone. The days…

  • Prayer

    Deep in my belly There is praise For both sweet And unsavory It took me a while To get here Amen.   © 2022 Gail Barrie

  • Poetry

    Days of Who Knows What

    Rumblings of something coming Stream through subtle senses Sly hints Warm flickers Understood without thought or word Hushed knowing Willingness to listen And be changed Deep breath And pause And trust Ever more.   © 2022 Gail Barrie

  • Musings

    Sunrise Trimmings

    With every dawn An invitation to care To meet life as it is And sense the rhythm Of what is coming to be And what is fading away To meet life on its terms With personal touches Of body and…