• Poetry

    Broken Pieces

    I’ve been gently gathering Bits and bobs of beauty Aspects of our being That have fallen away Storms have come and gone Wreckage turned to rapture By love’s abiding hands In tandem with the great ones   © 2023 Gail Barrie

  • This Just In

    Poppy Says

    We are Radiance Unfolding The very stuff of quantum creation Brilliant, blossoming Fields and waves Reflecting Refracting Evolving together Through time and space Seeding dreams Of futures bright and beautiful Superbloom vistas As far as eternal eyes can see.  …

  • Poetry

    Wild Violet Wanderings

    To know the spirit of Violet Is to appreciate how she shows up Here and there Seeded by magic Understated yet gutsy With a little something to say, or a lot Depending on your willngness to listen A fist-full for…

  • Poetry

    Four Blessings

    In a soul winter’s night emerges desire (When bleakness is steeped in the dark) For the warmth of a heart to kindle a fire Of caring, if only a spark. Four prayers, four blessings I ask To brighten an inner…

  • Moments

    Let love soften places that have hardened. Prepare to let new life emerge.     © 2023 Gail Barrie