• Musings

    Seeding Futures

    the heaviness is lifting can you feel it? call the gentle spaces to you there is room for all expressions breathe the sweetness of heavens bringing new life to expansion pause… and know how much you matter now, and ever…

  • Poetry

    In The Pause

    To embrace a sweet hiatus Or let its pull claim you Beyond life’s rushing river For no apparent reason Or specific season Is a gift of allowing. To melt into a quiet lull Released of the mind’s demand In favor…

  • Moments

    She’s Here

    Silence came rushing in Like a blanket of peace Spreading through my mind and body And I welcomed Her.   © 2021 Gail Barrie      

  • Moments

    Quiet Winter Moments

    Breathe into the hush Of quiet winter moments Where tranquil thought forms Laze and lull weary synapses Into a space of resting pleasure. Sense the cordial hum And let yourself become part of An expanse of symphonic sensation Touched by…

  • Moments

    Choice Point

    Moving beyond the rugged road I claim a peaceful path Where ease takes hold Encouraging light to lead the way.   © 2020 Gail Barrie