‘COSMIC PLAY’…. a new day, new year, new world.

At 16, I made my first acrylic painting in high school art class.  It was a vista from my imagination… a meadow with three trees and colorful sky.  I poured myself into that painting over weeks, or months, I can’t recall.  And even though I knew it wasn’t perfect, I was proud of my creation.  My parents had my little masterpiece framed and hung it in our family room which made me feel incredibly cherished.  A few years later, someone I loved dearly and admired as an artist laughed at that little painting, poking fun at my lack of technique and poor artistic choices.  In that crushing moment, all the previous pride and cherishing I felt dissolved into a pool of shame.  I went numb.  I didn’t dare show the deep hurt and humiliation I experienced at his unskillful hands, and I didn’t pick up a paint brush for decades.

Thankfully, time and devotion heals and encourages.

For my recent birthday, in the spirit of ‘becoming new’ in this new world awakening, I gave myself the gift of painting afresh.  I invested in a fabulous set of acrylics, a smattering of small canvases, beautiful new brushes, a palette and a table top easel, just right for me to get going.  On New Year’s Day, I finished this painting, ‘Cosmic Play’, dedicating it to both my past and my futures…. from the pure dreaming ‘space between’.  It’s been a wondrous reclamation, a beautiful union of Innocent and Wise One, and an opening to more freedom of expression.

In this new year, new decade, I’m wondering…. What of your personal expression could do with a dash more freedom, a dollop more permission, a heap more willingness to ‘play’??  What is dreaming you to awaken??  Take a look-see within and give the new-in-you a whirl…. take it out for a spin.  I imagine there’s a whole lot more Wonderful with your name on it.  I want that for you.

Feel The Play-full Hug.

©2021 Gail Barrie

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