Seeking Tenderness

Where are you, Tender One?

I am looking for you and I sense you near,
Calling you closer,

Though it seems you are hesitant to show yourself.

I understand.

I know you have shown yourself many times only
To be ridiculed, smacked down, ignored, dismissed.

Even as you are bright and resilient and at the ready to give of your kindness,
You have come to learn that it feels safer to hide from a hardened world,

That doesn’t seem to welcome your tender touch.

My heart breaks to own this, Tender One.
I am sorry for the suffering you’ve endured at my rugged hands.

My remorse is real, and true.

My forgiveness, at the ready.

Please know that I am changing.
I have softened and become more wise.

I want you to know that I am safe, Tender One.
I will cherish and protect you.

I am your world where you can be free to dance and giggle
and sparkle with your wonder.

I am your world where you can be free to melt and roil
and weep with the pain and beauty that touches you so deeply.

I will look after you.

I will look out for you.

I am your world and I cannot be whole without you.

I want you to know how precious and important you are to me.
I want to show you this in all the ways you and I can imagine,


I want you to know you can trust me.
Allow me to show you how?

Take your time, Tender One.
All the time you need.

I am here.

With open arms.

I am not going anywhere without you.



© 2009 Gail Barrie

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