• Poetry

    Road Trip West

    Behind a CR-V on I-80: Denver still lies ahead. My eardrums hum with John Denver And I sing along with Phil, Filled with memories, Life entwined with life. The prairie sails by. Phil is an earthbound sailor At the wheel…

  • Poetry

    And Suddenly It Was Quiet

    What a holiday visit it was In COVID’s shadow When son, grandsons, daughter Spilled their unmasked energy and laughter All over our condo. It was so gonzo. A winter’s night walk Sprinkled twinkling pied lights Of neighbors’ Christmas elves All…

  • Poetry

    Breakthrough Affection

    In these COVID days They call it breakthrough infection. Ah, a dark way to open a poem. But wait. As if emerging, Emerging from a deep retreat, I find a better breakthrough The color of air, and no mirage. I…

  • This Just In


    Ten hugs for breakfast, Eleven with lunch, Twelve hugs for supper, A dozen per bunch. Hugs that are scrambled, Hugs on a bun, Hugs in the ice cream With sprinkles for fun. Hugs in my salad, A mug full of…

  • Poetry


    What oceans hold and anthems know Is mirrored in a river’s flow. The raindrop not absorbed by earth, Hovering on the brim of birth, Meanders slowly toward the sea and Yearns for holy unity. Then By strange grace the droplet…

  • Poetry

    There is a Place

    There is a place In the southwest corner of the soul That wants to be given Away. Or maybe to be Laid out on a mesa For bone-picking? No, No. It wants tenancy In someone else’s pueblo Whose kiva receives…

  • Poetry


    i remember a morning when you asked if you could go, too you were soft and i was soft it was softly early long before the midday heat and the breeze was blowing my skirt almost as if i could…

  • Poetry

    To a Sad Friend

    You’re all oystered up, The grain of sand in your tender flesh Turning pain into trauma. (What pearls emerge from irritation! What strength from bitter weakness!) Sweet seed pearl, friend, The shadows from your eyes Arouse my own cruel ghosts.…

  • Moments


    Some things in life will matter the most While others stay trivial as dust. Be careful in choosing which battles you fight And keep your perspective. Just trust.

  • Poetry

    The Flower Girl

    Unknown days before the wedding Aunt Ann permed her hair, with “Just a little extra tug” to ensure each curl, But a tough ouch for such a small girl. A fragment of an aisle memory (One meticulous petal at a…