Four Blessings

In a soul winter’s night emerges desire
(When bleakness is steeped in the dark)
For the warmth of a heart to kindle a fire
Of caring, if only a spark.
Four prayers, four blessings I ask
To brighten an inner December
And illumine the time from now till I bask
In warmth from a heartglowing ember.

First blessing: Innate gifts

Do you compare? You’re your own worst judge?
Never envy what anyone has.
A rainbow of talents is your heritage
On a spectrum from justice to jazz.

Second blessing: Embrace nature

Against our Mother, with “progress” we’ve sinned.
Instead, be led by moon and tide
To dance along with trees in the wind
Connected with Nature’s cosmic ride.

Third blessing: Perspective

Some things in life are trivial as dust
While others to greatness will call.
Listen, and the heart perceives. Just trust
And discern the proportion of all.

Fourth blessing: Reveal love

Like wildflowers, languages cover the earth.
When eyes meet, truth makes no sound.
The warmth of the glance incubates Love’s rebirth,
And the glow from your heart will abound.

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