• Moments

    Bee Medicine

    Take a moment today To savor life’s nectar…. The sweetness that summons Your most grateful heart.     © 2021 Gail Barrie

  • Poetry

    Wind Horse Hug

    Oh to ride the Santa Ana current Of a deep deep hug That electrifies my cells. Where is my flying wind horse Now masked by social distance? Oh to breathe into a deep deep hug. I wait for wings of…

  • Mantras

    The Sun Came

    The sun came to this bit of Stale frost (an early Easter gift Of songbirds). Without reluctance, the ice began To melt and to flow and to drip wonderfully All over the full earth, The impatient earth, The unborn nations…

  • Musings

    Seeding Futures

    the heaviness is lifting can you feel it? call the gentle spaces to you there is room for all expressions breathe the sweetness of heavens bringing new life to expansion pause… and know how much you matter now, and ever…

  • Musings

    Beyonder Things

    behold on that day i saw this before my eyes there was darkness all around and it its midst i beheld, in that blackest velvet dark, a pebble as if a raw precious stone like a diamond and behold i…

  • Prayer

    Make Me One

    Make me one with everything. Or if not everything Make me one with the nebulas That yes incubate their embryonic stardust. Perhaps if not the nebulas Make me one with the glimmering Milky Way That shimmers and spans the inky…