Wackie Pome For When You Fele Blu

0nce in a wile life reelly sucks
and a day or pandemick just reelly f—–s
but soon as yu nede it our hugs come rite thru
with a wackified verse ritten solely 4 yu

yu kno that yur hartache is just for 2day
but yu so much do wish it would just go aw—-
o no that wont happin just cuz yu r hopin
so all yu can do is continu yor mopin

tomorro the sun will come over the hill
yu think yull pluck up yor indomitabul w—-
and smash all the bad guys right up in thare faces
oops then with those meenies yull have traded places

insted heres our hopin yur nite brings swete dreems
that push away all those most terribul sch—–s
and find in there plaice thoghts of angels abuv
and cushun yur slepe on the pillow of luv.

Feel the it’ll-get-better hug

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